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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reflections on 2013

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Life is full of happy times and times of conflict, work and play times, sad moments and joyful ones.  I prefer to look back on the best times, as I’m sure most of you do too.

I feel lucky in the fact that I got two trips this year, although neither was long enough, but isn’t that always the way it is when we’re having a great time?  But I won’t complain because there are many years I stay home and don’t go anywhere all year except to the grocery store, post office, pet store, and the herb store.  Yes, I’m usually writing and my life is that boring, although I don’t really look at it that way when I’m off on an adventure with the characters I’m writing about.

Seeing all my friends in southern CA was a great trip last May as I ran my legs off for the five days I was there.  I wore my husband out because he doesn’t like to go that much.  However, I don’t let any grass grow under my feet because I never know when I’ll be there again.  I have to make every minute count.

 Me and my friend Kara

 My friend Cec and me

 Me and my friend Bonnye

Me and my friend Sharon

Then seeing my family was wonderful in Sept.  Those ten days flew by.  I kept up the non-stop schedule there too because it had been four years and is likely to be four years again.  One never knows for sure where the future will lead.  There are way too many people to see and things to do in Texas.  As I mentioned earlier, I made every minute count.  I can sleep when I get home and that’s what I did.  I was pretty beat by the time I returned to the desert.  But if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

My family (mom and siblings)

In the writing department, I did a little freelance.  Times are slow there, but I did finish the family book I’ve worked on with my little sister for the last ten years, so that was a big accomplishment.  More importantly, all my siblings were happy to get their copies as we all collaborated by phone on this from time to time, amid many laughs at our childhood recollections..  My mom loved it, which is so very important since she’s in the early stages of dementia now.

I’m working on the corrections for my first mystery novel with help from the nice gal who’s doing the edits for me.  Thank you.  You know who you are.  I also entered the NaNoWriMo again this year because I don’t know when to quit.  It’s hard for me to turn down a competition because it’s a challenge and I love challenges.  So I wrote the first 51,000 words to the sequel of the mystery being edited right now.  Aside from that, I managed to write 210 blog posts this past year, plus a lot of other scribbling, so I feel pretty good about my writing time.

I do have a large house to keep up and life to live aside from my writing life, which takes up a lot of my time.  Naturally, I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to, but there is only so many moments in a day.

All issues on the health front have to do with other family members and not me or my husband this year.  Living parents have problems that come with old age and there isn’t a lot you can do about that.  I have a brother whose health issues are usually a result of his own stupidity, but no one can really do anything about that either because he’s grown.  If it’s one thing I know, you can’t change the thinking of a grown person.

We lost another cat this year.  That was difficult, but I try to remember that we gave her the best life she could have had and I like to think she’s having a happy reunion with her friends in the afterlife.

Comet - the cat I lost

I look forward to a better 2014, hopefully with more peace in my life.  It is fruitless to ask for more time each day because that will never happen.  One thing is certain; it will be an adventure with moving in the picture.  We all know what that entails, lots of energy, boxes, and packing tape.  At least next winter will be warmer, I hope, and the summer won’t be 115.

I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed myself here because I’ve seen a lot of things over the last nine-and-a-half-years that I would have never seen if I hadn’t called the desert home.  The landscape here is awesome and the wildlife incredible.  There are national and state parks close by and an outdoor amphitheater I’ve enjoyed.  I’ve also met some new friends to keep in touch with and rescued my little baby, Koki, who is such a love.  I hate to think what would have happened to this precious darling if I weren’t here to take her in.  She is, by far, the best thing that’s happened to me while living here.

 Koki - my little angel

Thanks again to all of you who follow my blog and read my meandering posts.  They tend to get a bit long sometimes.  I appreciate every one of your encouraging words.  You inspire me to do better in my writing.

I hope most of you realize many of your dreams in the coming year.  I think the advice we writers receive is good advice for everyone.  Don’t ever give up on your dreams.  Always believe in yourself.  All the battles you fight will only make you stronger.  No one can ever take away your imagination and determination unless you let them.

May peace, happiness, and good health be yours in 2014.  First on my agenda will be a trip to southern CA after New Years to see old friends again and take advantage of the seventy-degree weather for a few days.  I can’t wait.  Love and good wishes to you all.


  1. Hi Sunni. Thank you so much for the pictures you posted. After living in Southern California for 34 years, we decided that the fast lane would be no more for us. We love New Mexico. Those pictures bring back fond memories, as I had to visit those places you mentioned. Being in the entertainment business requires such contacts. We relocated to Albuquerque, in 06, but have gone back twice a year. Don't care for it.We are not planning any more visits for a while. Really enjoyed your post.You have a lovely family. You are blessed. Blessings.

  2. Hi Johnny,

    Thank you for reading and posting. I had no idea you lived in CA. I know it's not for everyone. There is just something that keeps drawing me back there. Probably the weather, for one thing, because I can't stand the cold and snow. I think that stems from growing up south of Houston and then spending five winters in Alaska.

    I've been to Albuquerque years ago. From what I remember, it has nice Spanish architecture, but I think it was too cold for me. I'm glad you've found your shangri-la. Hopefully one day soon, I'll find mine.

    Blessings for a wonderful 2014.


  3. Sunni, I enjoyed getting to know you better through this post. You inspire me to spend more time writing, like you do. Best wishes for a great year ahead.

    1. Hello womenmakingstrides,

      Thank you very much for your kind comments. It makes my day to have someone tell me that I inspired them. I'm just a country girl without all the degrees many of you writers have, but I do have an active imagination and the tenacity to never quit and always strive to be better.

      Blessings to you in 2014.


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