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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The County Fair

When I was visiting my family in south Texas, this is one event I’m glad I was able to take in because it brought back fond memories of going to the fair in my childhood.  This was the first time I was in Texas when this was going on since I was in my teens.

Sunni's Photo's - From left my sister Scherri, me, my sister Tedo and my niece Jodi

The weather was perfect – in fact, it was downright hot.  We got up early, despite the fact we stayed up half the night visiting.  We met at my nieces at 6 am, so we could all go in one vehicle and arrive in time to get a good spot in the shade.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Apparently, that still wasn’t early enough because we had to find a place on the sunny side of the street.  All the spots under the trees were already taken, even though we arrived three hours before the actual parade started.

That was still okay and we all enjoyed ourselves, but gave a cheer when the sun went behind a cloud temporarily.  It was fun to see the floats go by and the marching bands, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed because there weren’t near as many floats in the parade as when I participated in it years ago.  Back then, we had elaborate floats that we worked on decorating all summer.
From my high school - Lamar Consolidated

In addition, the band members are wimpier now, in my opinion, because they get to wear shorts and T-shirts and don’t have to suffer through the whole thing in band uniforms like we did back in the “old days.”  The twirlers and cheerleaders were still in uniform at least, so not all the old times were lost.  There are three high schools now in my little town and there was only one when I went to high school.

This parade starts the fair out every year.  The town mayors and judges also participate, as well as the beauty queen contestants for fair queen, along with the fire and police departments.  It takes two hours for the parade to go by.  Everyone taking part marches through two towns that are split only by the overhead railroad tracks.  Once the parade is over, everyone heads for the fair.

Of course a fair in Texas wouldn't be complete without a John Deere tractor

We parked and found a place near the start point, so we could avoid the traffic jam that follows every year.  Even so, there was still a line to get in at the fair, but not too very long.

I probably had more fun watching my sister’s grandchild watching the parade.  He was in awe of the fire trucks who would sound their sirens as they went by.  This little kid was also enthralled with the floats carrying people dressed up as animals.  Of course, when Mickey Mouse came over to hug him, he was ready to run back to his dad.  He also liked the twirlers and cheerleaders who would perform their routines as they marched down the street.  He would start dancing and waving his tiny American flag as he stood next to the curb.  Many floats threw candy to the kids as well.  I seized some of that because we didn’t have any breakfast.  By the time we got to the fairgrounds, it was almost noon.

We looked at all the usual exhibits that we looked at as kids.  Many of the animals weren’t even in their enclosures yet.  As a result, that area smelled a bit cleaner than I remember it.  The 4-H kids raise animals every year for the fair.

After we had burgers for lunch, we walked the midway and looked at all the rides and food stands.  Many were the same, but some were different than they had years ago.

We should have gone back in the evening when they had the judging and the fireworks, but we were off on some other family adventure.

 Below are some pictures of the midway.  I'll have to add pics later.  Right now this isn't cooperating with me.

Ft Bend County Fair midway - Sunni's Photo's


  1. I always liked the floats that threw candy the best, still do. My brother was in band and almost passed out from the hot uniforms.
    I'm a cat lover too and adore your photos.

    1. skinny,

      Thanks for visiting. Everyone likes the floats that throw out candy, Unfortunately, the local police pulled one float out with a little league team that was throwing candy (like all the others). I don't know why they were singled out. Everyone boooed and they were eventually let back in near the end. We all cheered and gave them the thumbs up. I think the police must have had it in for someone to do that. I felt bad for the little kids they were yelling at.



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