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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Check out this Beautiful Fall Foliage

Lithia Park - Ashland OR - Sunni's Pictures

Lithia Park - Ashland OR - Sunni's Pictures

Lithia Park - Ashland OR - Sunni's Pictures

We took these pictures in Oregon when we were visiting there a few years ago. Fall color is abundant there, as it is in many of the northern states, much more so than the south.

I'll be posting soon about my latest trip to Oregon.  We just got back about four days ago.  Thank goodnesss winter up there is running behind this year.

In the desert we get very little fall color, you seldom see oranges and reds here. Most of it is in shades of yellow and gold, unless you go up in the mountains.

These pictures are lovely; unfortunately, it’s too bad fall doesn’t last longer because I know what’s next. We’ll be in the icy grip of winter before we know it. In the desert, we’re not able to open the windows much for some good old-fashioned air. The moment is so fleeting, it seems like we go from A/C to heat and back again.

Winter is definitely the season I hate the most because I’m always cold and can never warm up. It’s a time to hibernate for me, only going out if I absolutely have to have something. Therefore, I try to stock up on supplies in the fall, usually, much to my husband’s disgust. He will never understand this because the cold doesn’t affect him as much.

However, you would think that I’d be looking forward to it after the triple digit heat we get around here for a solid month every summer, with temperatures in the nineties for the other three-four months. I’d still rather have that because I like my shorts, tank tops, and sandals. I really hate having to put on three-four layers of clothes, plus two pairs of socks, and gloves so I can type in comfort. I know some of you are probably saying, “Are you serious?” Let me assure you I am. I have gloves with the fingertips cut out that I use in the wintertime for things I do inside, except cooking and cleaning when you can’t really do that.

So right now, I’m enjoying the short time we have with the nice breeze flowing in through my window. Usually by Halloween, it gets chilly at night, but things are still do-able until about Thanksgiving.

But, I know the trees and bushes have to take a rest and besides, this is beyond my control anyway, unless I move to that tropical isle I dream about all winter.


  1. A rich, vibrant Autumn is one of Nature's finest gifts.

  2. Writing Coach,

    Thank you for taking your time to read and comment. The colors are beautiful, if only winter wasn't next.


  3. LOvely pictures Sunni.
    I know how you feel about the cold, I feel the cold too, and am miserable when I am cold. My feet and hands get frozen in winter... I think it's to do with circulation... and low thyroid- low thyroid and you feel the cold - that's me. So I really really sympathise with you feeling cold. Hope it isn't too bad this year, and that your pussy cats curl up on you and keep you warm!

  4. Valerie,

    Thanks for leaving me a comment. Yes, I'm sure I have bad circulation. My doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned. It seems I'm always at the health store to see if they can recommend anything. I just hope the winter is short. I know it could be a lot worse like it is in some places, so I really shouldn't complain.

    My cats hate the cold too and are always looking for warm places. I have comfy blankets I drag out for them in the winter, but they get all over me too.

    You're such a beautiful person Valerie. You always inspire me to write after reading your wonderful stories.


  5. Over the past 10 days I've been reminded of how much I love fall. I returned to Tennessee for the sad reason of the passing of my step-father, but the sadness was counterbalanced by the absolute beauty of the season. I've missed this living in Los Angeles over the past 21 years and not being there during the season.

    I want to return eventually to take my wife to experience real autumn. She's always been in California since moving from Ecuador and because she's a teacher it's difficult for her to get away at this time of year. She'll be retiring soon. Perhaps she can enjoy the fall season in the autumn of our lives.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Lee,

    Yes, I lived for over 25 years in southern CA and I loved it, but we do miss out on the fall color living in places like that.

    Unfortunatley, I don't get away too often either, usually never see my family except at funerals, etc. I will be posting soon about my recent trip to OR to visit the in-laws.

    I can understand being a teacher that you can't get away during the scool year. I hope the both of you are able to take advantage of some of the things you'd like to do together after she retires.

    I imagine you wouldn't see much fall color in Equador either. I've never been there, but I think it's warm most of the time.

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


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