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Saturday, August 4, 2012

This and That

This post will be short and probably not as funny, but my little sister wanted me to tell everyone about the annual event going in her small village this weekend.  Living in a small place like this, it is the last event of the summer before the streets roll up in preparation for many months of winter.

So for any of you who live in upstate NY, near the Canadian border, and want to take a drive, tomorrow is the last day of this event.  She has posted the schedule on her blog here:
There may be some fall colors as well that would make it an enjoyable trip.  I hear the fall colors in New England are great!

This little village, founded in 1839, is home to 1000 people.  It sits right on the St. Lawrence River and she is always telling me about looking across to Ontario, Canada.  Personally, this is way to cold for me, especially after my five years in Alaska, but her husband’s family settled there many years ago.  After her 25+ years there she is looking forward to moving south eventually.

As for me, I’m talking care of the cat in my last post and expecting the owner home sometime tomorrow.  The cat is wild as always, has gotten the underwear strewn about twice so far and bounces off the walls.  Tonight she launched herself off a cutout to the kitchen and landed on my back.  It reminded me again she needs her nails trimmed.

Tonight we have thunderstorms again and rain is pattering on my window.  Of course, this would naturally happen after I watered her garden a few hours ago.  However, she’ll be pleased that it’s grown into a jungle while she’s been gone.  We have had a very unusual wet summer.  It never rains in the summer.  The desert can go months without a drop of water.  The humidity is up and not at the usual 10-15 percent, so that is troublesome, but I think my skin is happier.

Last weekend we had so much rain some of the streets turned to red rivers.  Yes, we have red sand here, not white sand.  You have to be careful about that tracking that in the house, so everyone gets used to leaving shoes at the door.

The best thing is to be in the 90’s instead of our usual triple digits, but I’m sure that’s coming.


  1. Sunni, do I ever know about the rain! I am in the fartherest southwest corner of Georgia and it has rained every day for over a week. I love the rain but enough already:>) Still a question remaining is "Are you ready for a break from the cat?"

    BYW catnipoflife's sister site, Awakenings, has nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please go to http://www.awakenings2012.blogspot.com/ and read the 'rules' and snag the badge for your website...Have fun!

  2. Sharla,

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. So you're in Georgia. I bet it's beautiful there isn't it? We rarely get rain, being it's the desert, but it is ok and a relief from the triple digit heat.

    Yes, I'm still watching this little fur monster. Her owner called me this afternoon and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon now. Oh well, one more day.

    Thank you for the award. I feel bad I haven't posted for the last one yet. I guess that better be my next post, or maybe I can combine them. I'll have to go and check it out, which I haven't done yet.

    Thanks again for visiting and commenting.



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