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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meet Hermes and Nutella, and OMG - What?

Here are a couple more cat stories
I hope you guys aren’t tired of them

First, a fellow writer just got two kittens last Tuesday.  We correspond through the internet since he lives near Geneva.  He was kind enough to send me some lovely pics.  The kittens are 2 months old and adorable.  I’m posting the pictures here.  Meet Hermes and Nutella.

I hope that these furry little darlings will help to ease the pain from the loss of his old cat in May.  Doesn’t this just make you want to go out and get a kitten?  I had better watch myself, or I’ll be doing just that.

Somehow, I don’t think Koki would be too happy with me if I did.  She likes to sleep on my legs and wake me up for cuddles in the middle of the night.

Now for one of the craziest stories I’ve heard in a good while.

I have four sisters, for those of you who don’t know that.  Well sister number one and three love cats as much as I do, where number two and four prefer dogs.

About two months ago sister number three (we call her Tedo) got a kitten about three months old that her boyfriend brought home from his job.  Her old cat, Bentley, had cancer and passed away soon thereafter.  The kitten, Taffy, was lively, as kittens are, and very vocal being part Siamese.  Bentley never made much noise at all.  That took some getting used to, but I think she was glad to have the kitten around because she had Bentley for years.

Of course sister number one, Scherri, decided that Taffy needed a playmate because Tedo is always working, so she brings over another kitten to keep Taffy company.  The new kitten’s name is China and she is about two months younger than her new playmate.  Tedo thought, okay, the girls can be friends with each other, and after the usual two to three days of hissing and growling things settled down and all was well.

Last Thursday, the day came to have Taffy spayed and declawed.  My sister had Thursday off, took the cat to the vet first thing, and dropped her off.  A short while later she gets a call from the vet’s office.

“Well we cut “her” open and the cat is a he, not a she.”

Of course, Tedo is shocked that no one noticed this cat was a boy – not even the vet!  Frankly, she didn’t know what to say, so “I guess he wasn’t well endowed,” tumbled out of her mouth.

After everyone had a hearty laugh, the vet sewed the cat up and got on with the other two surgeries – neutering and declawing.  The poor cat had stitches all over the place when she went to pick him up that afternoon.  However, she says Taffy is just fine and acting as if he never had surgery at all.

This is a very good thing because Tedo is one of the unluckiest people I know.  I’m just thankful that the cat is fine and doesn’t need another vet visit anytime soon because her car broke down on the way to the vet and she had to get the car towed to a garage and borrow another car.  To make matters worse, this is after she just had a new engine put in the car a month ago.

It amazes me she can keep a smile on her face.

I wish I had pics of Taffy and China to post, but I don’t have any yet.

So tell me, how often do you think cat gender is mistaken?


  1. Thanks for the great story, Sunni. It made me smile! ~ Peggy

  2. Peggy,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm glad I made you smile.


  3. Keep the cast stories coming - always irresistible reading

  4. Thank you Valerie,

    I have tons of them and then occasionally a post like this one that is unexpected.

    Thanks for visiting and posting.

  5. Well, I guess that is a first for me. But, the vet? Um-m-m-m? Maybe another vet might be in order. Don't have a unique spayed or neutered story but here is a doozy vet story. Our cat's name was Taz. Does that paint a picture for you in the very beginning? Taz did not like the smell of the vet's office nor the dogs hanging about with their drools and barks. By the time, the vet got her to the back room, she was a wreck. She got loose, he had to 'net' her but she was so upset she chewed and clawed through the net (which was new BTW). Finally, we had to get her and take her home. Another appt time set. Received a telephone call just prior to the new appt. "Is this THE Taz?" "Yes, ma'am." "OH! You have to come by the office and get a sedative before you bring her in!" A few hours later we were at the very with a very calm, sedated cat ready for treatment:>)

  6. Sharla,

    I LOVE that story and it brings to mind a story about taking one of my other "babies" to the vet's office one time and also a tranquilizer story. I would tell you now, but I think I'll save them for blog posts. I was wondering what I might tell next and I think it will be one of those.

    It sounds like Taz got quite the reputation at the vet's office. Did you have to tranqulize the cat every time after that incident?

    That is amazing that my sister's vet didn't even notice the poor cat was a boy before he cut "her" open. It makes you wonder doesn't it?



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