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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Thought Provoking Question

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If an angel came to tell you things, would it have any impact on the decisions you did during your life?

First, let me tell you that I don’t mean this to be religious at all.  I do want to stay away from the subjects of religion and politics because those are personal things and not something to be discussed here.

The only reason I post this is because, at dinner tonight, my husband and I were having a discussion about ghosts and angels, etc.  He told me that his father, a very religious man, saw an angel that came to sit on the edge of his bed when he was a young man still living at home.  Supposedly this angel told him who he would marry, that she would die before him and how it would happen.  By the way, this did come to pass.  This angel told him how his life would go.  Of course my husband couldn’t answer my questions, namely, was his father influenced in his decisions about his life because of the visit of this angel.  His father is now in his 90’s and I’ve known the man forty years and I’ve never heard this story.  And believe me, his dad has told many stories, all centered on the church in one way or another.

I’m wondering what all of you, who care to comment, think about this.  Of course I understand it depends on where you’re head is with regards to all this stuff, but I thought it would make a terrific discussion among writers.

I must tell you that my family believes in ghosts and several members have seen some (meaning recently deceased people coming to say something).  My husband thinks this is hogwash and I’m “throwing around fairy dust” as he always tells me when it is something he thinks isn’t possible and I’m full of it.

My grandmother claimed she saw an angel that flew in her bedroom window years ago and told her about her mother’s upcoming death.  Now, I have no idea if this is true or not, but she believed it and made sure to tell us kids this story.  Sure enough, her mother did pass away within two weeks of seeing the angel.  I’m not sure why something like this would happen unless she needed to prepare herself for what was to come.

I’m an open minded person and not at all religious, spiritual yes, but not religious and there is a difference.  I will listen to anyone’s story, but whether people see angels that tell then things, who knows?  I do believe in ghosts because I’ve seen them, so you tell me.  What are your thoughts on this?


  1. A very interesting discussion. I believe in angels and demons, and not just because of what the Bible speaks of. I suppose if one believes in God, and thence Satan, then its only natural to believe in angels and demons and spiritual warfare. I too have heard friends and family members who've had an experience, having what some like to call, "a visitation". of course there are those who'd laugh at such claims. it all hinges on what you believe - and it's no trifling belief, but a strong and resolute one. I have to say tho that I'm one who does not favor the whole ghost dynamic - I think it to be more a manifestation the spiritual war I referred to. But that's just me - I realize, as I write this, that I may be called coo-coo for it, but I'm okay with that!

  2. Benjamin,

    Thanks for dropping by and bothering to read and comment. No, I don't think you're coo-coo at all. I believe all of us have a certain amount of coo-coo in us. It all depends on the thinking of each individual on any given subject. Perhaps you're right about the spiritual warfare. I'm not one to argue about that as I have no strong religious belief one way or the other, however I do believe ghosts exist and perhaps then they are manifestations of this spiritual warfare you mention. Who is to say?

    I don't really believe in organized religion at all and think we make our own heaven or hell in the afterlife. In my opinion Satan is there, in organized religion, to encourage people to do the right thing (for those believing in such). Anyway, I've learned it's best to keep this sort of stuff to yourself along with politics, so I'll just leave this here with enough said.

    You have an interesting website. I love your header pics.



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