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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Helpful Products

Okay, I admit this post will probably appeal more to women than men, but I wanted to share some helpful products with the ones who care to read this.  Perhaps something here will help you out.  I hope so.

I have very long hair and really wanted to do something about my split ends, other than cutting it short, which is something I would never do.  I trim, but not that much of a trim and only when the moon is waxing.  That’s just a quirk of mine.  Anyway, I finally found a product that actually works and does what it says it will do.  Imagine that?  It’s been my experience that things are rarely as advertised.
 Pantene Split End Repair

I’ve posted a picture above of the product I’ve been using for about ten months now and I could see a difference in three months with continuous use.  It can be purchased at Walgreen’s and probably lots of other stores now.

The second product I wanted to tell you about is for brittle, splitting nails.  I’ve found that as I get older and am not going out to a job anymore, but working from home, that I am more inclined to have my hands in water more.  I don’t know if that tends to be the problem, or if it just stems from desert living because it’s very dry here with the average humidity around 15%.

Anyway, I started my internet search for something to work.  It seems I’m always searching the internet for something.  This product had rave reviews, so I went in search of some to try.  I ended up getting mine from a beauty supply store, but I hear that Target has it too, although I haven’t checked this out.  It is not cheap when you consider it looks like an ordinary bottle of clear nail polish.  Because of the great reviews, I decided to give it try anyway and I wasn’t disappointed.  Thank goodness because I would never spend $14 on a bottle of nail polish and that was the sale price!  If anyone has this problem, or wants to try this, here is a picture of that product.
Opi Nail Strengthener

The last thing is a cleaning product.  As much as I hate to take time out from writing and other creative endeavors, I do have to clean once in awhile.  Since moving to the desert, eight years ago from southern CA, we have had nothing but trouble with getting rings in the toilets.  The water is terrible here.  We could not find anything to get them out, not even CLR, which usually works on a variety of things when nothing else will.  Finally, we ran across the pumice stone and to think this product can even be found at Walmart.  In a couple of minutes the rings were gone and it was so fast and easy and totally amazing.  So if you have hard water, you may want to try this.  It does not scratch porcelain.  I’m not sure how it would work on other services because it is very rough, as you can imagine, since it comes from volcanoes.  Here is a picture of that in case anyone wants to look for it.
Pumie Scouring Stick

The above products I’ve been very impressed with, so I just wanted to pass the word along to anyone who may be trying to figure out what to do about these problems.

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