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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why can’t we just go naked?


Wouldn’t that be nice in the summer when temps are over a hundred for day and days?  I have to confess that I do go naked around my house on my days off.  Why not?  It seems I’m not alone either as my coworkers and I have talked about this very thing at the end of the workday. 

Now we may not all be in tip-top shape, but who really cares when it’s this hot around here?  Our pets don’t care what we look like, or what we have on.  The only danger I can see is when it comes to working in the kitchen and then perhaps being naked could be a hazard.

I know I probably sound a bit wacky about now, but the heat is getting to all of us this year.  It was 113 today.  Yikes!  That’s too hot for anybody, don’t you think?  We have at least another six weeks of this in store too and probably a bit more than that.


I washed my HOT white shirts for work today and hung them outside.  They dried in about thirty minutes.  Naturally a breeze came up and one fell on the patio.  So it has to be washed again since it’s full of red sand and it would be the lightest weight one of the bunch.  But you can always figure on this as it’s just Murphy’s Law, or whatever they call it.  Of course a heavy shirt would never fall off the rack and land in the dirt.

Today was my only day off for a week and supposedly I’m working part-time.  Hmmm.  What’s wrong with this picture?  I tried to take it easy because I have “ouchies” from head to toe.  I swear old age is a bitch.  I have a stye in my eye again; the deep bite wound from my cat on my forearm, a bad bruise on my shin bone from a flatbed cart at work and my constant athlete’s foot problem from wearing so many clothes and footwear at work in the summers.  I’m seriously thinking about looking for another job.  We’ll see.  All the clothes are too much, but paired with the hat, apron, gloves and hairnet it’s almost impossible to be comfortable during working hours.  I’m getting too old to have to put up with all this, although having the extra money is a nice benefit, but it’s probably the only one except for meeting new people.  Other than that we are abused by the customers all day long.  I really struggle to fathom how some of my coworkers have been there ten years or more.  I can’t see myself in that spot.

Maybe something else jobwise will turn up.  

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