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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The splendor of nature

Sunrise under a stormy sky

I’m posting some sunsets and other odd things today.  My life has been way too hectic to write up anything intelligent.  I seem to be moving at a pace that’s much faster than I’d like.  Between working, going to my citizen’s police academy and doing all the chores around the house, there’s no time left over.

 A fiery sunset under storm clouds
Sometimes I really wonder how all the people I work with are still going strong.  Many of them have been there way longer than me, not to mention are much older too.  Maybe they go home after their shift and collapse on the couch like I do.  Sometimes it’s a real chore just to get my body out of the car once I get into the garage.  LOL  I like my job, but it can wear me out.

 Raven using this box from Costco as a new hiding place

Raven and Koki with a toy mouse. 
I’m learning a lot at the academy.  I hope it’ll come in useful when rewriting my mystery series.  

We had our gates redone.  After 12 and 1/2 years they needed it.


  1. Like the new gate :)

    Such pretty pictures too of the sky!


    1. Thank you Betty,

      I'm so behind on visiting blogs. I hardly find the time to post anything new on mine regularly.

      We are fortunate to see many beautiful sunsets and a few nice sunrises.

      The gates were getting rusty in places so needed a new paint job after being fixed. The desert climate can be hard on everything with the extremes of hot and cold weather we endure here.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Hi Sunni! I love your pictures! Those sunrise/sunset pictures are amazing. The gate looks great. :D

    1. Vashti,

      Thanks. We are fortunate to get a lot of nice sunsets here. The gates needed to be redone after 13 years of extreme temps in the desert. I'm glad you like them.



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