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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Skipping down the happy road

Doesn't a happy road have flowers?

We all know the road is paved with flak and happiness.  Right now I’m on the happy part of the path.  We all deserve that once in a while and we appreciate it more when it isn’t an everyday thing.

First, my guy won the presidency so I can’t be happier about that.  All the Trump supporters are so overjoyed at work that we talk about it in the lunchroom.  What I don’t get is why people actually need therapy…supposedly…because the election didn’t go their way.  What has happened to our society?  I was disappointed in 2012, but I never needed therapy.  I can hardly believe the things I read and the things I hear on the news. 

Sometimes our team doesn’t win but that’s life.  We pick up the pieces and go on hoping to win next time.  Whatever happened to that philosophy?  I can’t decide if we’re becoming a nation of wimps or not.

I’m so stoked over this election and finally see some hope for America’s future.  I really believe we elected the right man for the job.  Only time will tell, of course, so we’ll see.

Oh my!  There is so much beauty all around us.  This is the path behind my house into the desert.

The next thing I’m very happy about right now is that I helped my sister get a second job by greasing the wheels for her with a guy I know.  She interviewed today and he hired her on the spot.  I’m as happy about this, as happy as she is.  She needs the money because her other job has cut hours and we all know the bills never stop coming, whether we’re working or not.  She’s such a wonderful person and I know he’ll be so glad he hired her.  Right now I’m so proud of her.

I got this pic over the internet but think it's so pretty.

Number three is that the weather is to die for right now.  It’s been 80 degrees during the day.  I love every minute of it and wish it never got any worse than this over winter…but I know it will as sure as I’m typing this.  However, I’ll take this everyday if it wants to keep coming.  I know all the wildlife are grateful they aren’t huddling under bushes to keep warm.

So I’m on the happy part of the road and I’m going to take that as long as it last.  How are the rest of you doing?

Lastly, the desert is full of gorgeous sunsets.  I must have a hundred pictures of the beautiful skies.  So I'll leave you with this.


  1. I was glad to see the outcome of the election. I feared if it had gone the other way. It is sad the demonstrations happening afterwards; we certainly didn't see that in 2008 or 2012. I think we need to keep him a chance to do the work he has said he will do. Glad you were able to help your sister!

    Life here has its ups and downs. We go up, then we go down, and then it repeats its cycle. I have to remember what I'm grateful for, a house to live in, good jobs, abundant food on our table, helping others, etc. It helps put things into perspective!


    1. Betty,

      I agree with everything you said. Life always has ups and downs and as long as we have a roof over our heads and food to eat we should be grateful.

      I'm very surprised we have protests too. I really wonder why people have a problem with this election. You're right that we didn't see that in 2008 or 2012. We need to give the man a chance, the same way we did with Obama, whether he was our choice or not.

      Thanks a lot for your input and for reading.


  2. Hi Sunni! I'm happy you're in good spirits. I don't need therapy but I am disappointed with the presidential election. However, there's no use crying over spilled milk, right? I just wish I could see Donald Trump through your eyes because obviously you see something I don't. I respect the fact that he is 'president-elect' even though the majority of Americans did not vote for him and I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best. He is rescinding many of the horrible things he said that divided America in the first place, so there is hope.
    I love your pictures––beautiful. Continue being happy, my friend. That was sweet what you did for your sister. <3

    1. Vashti,

      This year, no matter how the election turned out, half the people in this country would be disappointed. I guess I see the fact that Trump is a businessman and not a politician and that is very favorable in my eyes. So much in this country needs to change and I think he's the man to do it - or to start it anyway. He's successful so he must be shrewd in the way of business.

      I was happy I could help my sister get that job because she needs the extra income. She does so much for the family as a whole, so she deserves good things.

      I'm no longer happy about the weather but winter will come, like it or not. We're now in the gloom with rain and a bit of sunshine between showers on some days. At least we have no snow yet and that's a blessing. It's cold enough at 40 for a daytime high and in the upper 20's at night. Brrr.... I feel sorry for all the little animals in the desert that must suffer.



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