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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cats in Hats

I know I’ve posted a lot of photos of Raven wearing hats.  I think I have one for every occasion.  I’m so lucky he poses for me.

Raven in his first hat photo at almost 5 months old

Raven in his first St Patrick's Day hat
Raven's first Birthday
Raven in his Christmas hat

Raven in his New Year's hat
Raven in his spring hat - this one made it into a local magazine
Raven in his July Fourth hat

But he isn’t the only cat who wears hats.  Tootie did when she was younger.

Tootie age 14

Tootie at age 10
And a few weeks ago, hubby and I were watching some travel show on TV and I just had to get the camera and snap a pic of this feline in San Francisco.  Isn’t he stylin’?

Look at this cool dude from San Francisco

Now I wouldn’t dare take my cats outside.  I know they’d freak out.  I did take Raven out once when it was storming, but I had him clamped tightly in my arms.  He was happy to go back indoors after he discovered it was nicer inside.  This cat must have been trained as a kitten.  I bet he travels like this all the time and is a real conversation starter.

I just had to share.  Have you ever taken a picture of something on the TV screen?


  1. All cute pictures with the cats. Patient too to wear the hats. No, I don't think I have taken a picture from TV before. Computer screen though I have.


    1. Betty,

      Sometimes I get obsessed with my camera. I think I've taken pics off my computer screen too but there's usually a flash blotch on them. LOL


  2. Sunni, I have taken photos of something on my computer screen but not the TV. Do want to comment on our Foxie. She travels with us in our RV. What a hoot! Sometimes a little reluctant to get ready for the trip but once on board, settles in my lap and watches everything along the highway. Only time she gets a bit upset is when we get her on baoard too early and she hasn't had time to take care of business! :-)

    Not sure how you got your kitty to stay so still and pose! GREAT photos!

    1. Sharla,

      I don't know why the kitties pose either, but I've been lucky so far.

      A few years ago, we had a cabin in the mountains and would take all six cats with us to spend the summers there. They hated the ride (most of them) but loved it once we got there.

      Tootie always gets so nervous in the car that she pees all over herself. This is for anything, even a vet trip. We learn to go prepared.

      Raven is the only cat I have that loves to go somewhere. The more people look at him from other cars, the crazier he acts. He's an attention hound.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


  3. I did not know that there were cats that put up with that sort of thing. I guess they do exist.

    1. Liz,

      Yes, most cats are picky but there's some out there that will play dress up.

      Thanks for your comment.



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