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Sunday, February 7, 2016

A bone yard for old computer parts

Somehow all this stuff has found its way to my office.  Why?  Why?  Why?  I don’t need more stuff in here, trust me. 

 Multiplying computer parts
It all started when I finally gave up on my old color printer a couple of weeks ago and broke down and got a new one.  I had just purchased new ink cartridges for the old one and I’m still wondering what to do with those.  I hate to see them going to waste.  And now that was an unneeded expense.  I must have a hundred dollars in new ink cartridges I can’t use now, including three extra large new black ones.  I would cry, but that doesn’t solve anything, does it?  I’m sure someone savvier about these things could fix the printer.  I guess I need to think about donating this somewhere.

Aside from that printer issue, hubby decided I needed a bigger computer monitor for my desktop.  He finally got busy cleaning off his desk and taking apart the old computer that’s been there for years and not working.  So one day here he comes and hooks up his old monitor to my desktop computer, so now my old monitor, which is fine by the way, has joined the color printer on the floor of my office.  Sigh.

Everything else from my husband’s old computer setup ended up on the dining room table.  This would be okay for a while because we eat on TV trays anyway so he can watch Fox news.  Meanwhile, I was thinking about what to do with this stuff because I do like to keep the downstairs cleaned up. 

I didn’t have to think about this long because a couple days later, the odds and ends of the old computer parts joined the group on my office floor.  This was a shocker because hubby rarely picks anything up.  I guess it’s my job to find homes for all this stuff now - in my spare time.  I wonder when that will be.  I don’t have enough time now for everything I need to do.


  1. Wonder if your city has a disposal place for things like this; I know the local Goodwill does here; maybe you'll need to schedule sometime to get those there (though it is a pain)


    1. Betty,

      I guess when I get tired of looking at it and walking around it, I'll check into that. We want to remove the hard drives from all the computers though and destroy those first. That's a pain right there.

      Right now hubby has a bad respiratory virus so all this is on the back burner until he gets better, unless I want to tear the computers apart myself (which I don't.) I'm trying to stay well and get some rest, which is hard with all the coughing, etc. Plus, I have to work a few days a week.

      They won't stay in here that long though (I hope.)

      Thanks for reading and your comment.


  2. I wonder if you can return the printer ink. If it's unopened... If not, you might look into selling it. There are places to do that online. I know of a couple Facebook groups we have locally that are set up for that sort of thing. You might look into one for your area.

    As for the computer equipment, if you just want to get rid of it, you might look into Freecycle. There are groups all over the country. You post what you have, and there might be someone who will pick it up and take it off your hands. But, you have to be giving it away for free.

    1. Liz,

      Thanks for the tips. I appreciate your comment.



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