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Sunday, November 29, 2015

She wants to join the family

We live in a place where we’re lucky to see a lot of wildlife coming by at various times.  The last few weeks this female roadrunner has made it clear, she wants in the house. 

 Not the greatest pic but I had to hurry
She jumps up on the top of the bench we have on the back patio and pecks at the window.  This sends the cats into a frenzy watching with wild eyes.  I’m not sure what this lady has in mind because I don’t think her or the cats would actually want to meet face-to-face. 

Female roadrunner trying her best to adopt us

She makes her rounds of the backyard near the house, hopping from chair-to-chair and perching on the table.  Last week she even tried her best to fly up and land on the ceiling fans out there.  Maybe she got into some loco weed, or ate some juniper berries.

 Here she is on the patio chair
Today, she jumped off the patio roof and took her place on the bench to peck at the window.  Her eyes scan the place from floor to ceiling.  I imagine she’s looking for food and expects me to provide it.  I don’t have any lizards or bugs lying around to give her.  Right now I’m not sure what else she’s trying to tell me, but she looks plump enough and not starving.

At this point, I’m not sure how long this activity will last.  The bird of prey that was taking a daily bath here has gone to other areas.  I haven’t seen him in a while.

Other than that, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and spent a relaxing day being grateful for all we have. 

Below are a few pics from our Thanksgiving drive along the back highway to Mesquite NV and back.  These are taken from the car window so aren't the best photos in the world.  This country passes through an Indian reservation and is mostly sagebrush and Joshua trees.  But the day was beautiful and about 50 degrees.

It’s onward toward Christmas now.  Some neighbors already have their lights up.  I’m only perturbed at the one who put his up a week before Thanksgiving.  That’s disgraceful!  These days everyone rushes things. 

We have a few leaves left on our trees, but they’re quickly littering the ground.  I watched some flutter down in a gust of wind this morning and wished I had the camera ready.  I did spend the next half hour trying to capture some but didn’t have much luck.  I guess things like that are better in person.

 Most of these fluttered to the ground today
I hate to see winter coming but that’s beyond my control.  All I can do is count the days until spring – and I shall be doing that – in the near future.  December and January are in the deep freeze here some years.

Now that those awful ulcers are about gone from my mouth, I have a raspy cough to take their place.  I attribute this to working near the coolers all day at work last week.  I was chilled to the bone from head-to-toe by the end of my shift, so I’m now stocked up on all sorts of cold products and extra vitamin C to get me through the winter months without becoming too ill.

Added to all this was another car problem, a dead battery this time, but I can’t say my mechanics didn’t warn me about that when they replaced the radiator.  So I spent part of yesterday getting that fixed.  

Now if I can just fix the garage door, which has gone on the blink lately, I may be able to sit back for a while.  I’ll be opening it manually for the time being because the openers and the opener have become enemies apparently.  They aren’t talking to each other now and the batteries are fine.  It’s back to my old friend, Google, to see if I can find a solution.  What did we do before the internet?  It’s too bad they didn’t teach courses like this in high school – something we could really benefit from as adults.


  1. Road runner- meep meep- sorry, I had to do that :) I can see why that would get the cats upset, but it is very cool that you have a resident road runner :)

    1. pilch,

      She wants to move in for sure. The roadrunners come by from time-to-time but none have pecked on the windows before this one.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.


  2. What a cute roadrunner and interesting how she seems to want to come and visit you :) I have a great roadrunner story; I hope I didn't tell it to you already. When we lived in Murrieta California (close to Temecula) 2 doors down from us the lady did day care. We had roadrunners around the area, one even with only one leg; got along great hopping from place to place. One day a roadrunner was just bumping into her sliding glass door for the backyard all morning; acting crazy according to the lady. She couldn't quite figure out what was up with it. Later in the afternoon the kids were outside playing and the dog spotted a rattlesnake hiding under the bushes by the BBQ. Thankfully it alerted the lady who then saw the snake who then got the kids inside and called animal control who removed the snake (endangered, couldn't kill it). Both she and me totally believe somehow the roadrunner was trying to warn her of the snake in the backyard; I'm convinced God sent it somehow to do so.

    Now when I see roadrunners here, I wonder where the snake might be (or lizards; saw one with a lizard in their mouth once here).

    I too am looking forward to spring; don't quite enjoy the cold temps here.


    1. Hi Betty,

      No, I never heard that story about the roadrunner. I'm wondering why the roadrunner didn't tackle the snake. They are predators you know, but maybe the snake was too big for it. They usually go after small things like lizards, frogs, chipmunks, etc. We usually chase them out of the yard in the summer because they eat the birds and chipmunks.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. A roadrunner! How fun.

    It's nice to drive in the desert when it's cooler. There's something kind of... I'm not sure what word I want here. I just like the idea of it.

    1. Liz,

      Normally roadrunners are predators but this one seems friendly enough, although the word friendly doesn't exactly describe a roadrunner.

      The desert is a desolate, lonely place, but does have a mystique about it.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I'm way behind on my blog visiting.


  4. Hi Sunni! Wow! I've never seen a roadrunner (aside from TV), you're so lucky to have one come up to your door. She's beautiful too. I can't imagine what would happen if the cats did meet her. Yikes! I'm glad your mouth is better, but I'm sorry you still have other problems. Take care!

    1. Vashti,

      I'm glad I could share the roadrunner pics with you. They are a frequent sight around here, but this one is very friendly.

      Boy, I'm glad my mouth is bettter too. I hope I never get that again! When it rains, it pours when it comes to problems. My car is old and fixed once again. Hopefully, this will be the end of all the bad luck I've had lately.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.



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