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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I’m really a human in this body

My sweet boy - Raven

My sweet boy, Raven, thinks he’s a person a lot of the time.  He likes to “help” me every chance he gets and is my shadow much of the day.  He hugs me around the neck when I pick him up and we rub noses.

 Raven in the dryer
Of course, he’s into mischief at least once a day.  Not much is safe around here.

 Raven using my laptop for a pillow
When I trim my nails, he wants his done so he’ll sit patiently while I clip them and then he wants them filed with my emery board.  I wish I had a picture of this.  It makes me laugh so hard.  I wonder when he’ll start wanting nail polish too.

When I use my back scratcher, he has to have his back scratched too.  He comes to the shower and paws on the door.  I imagine one of these days he’ll want in there with me.

 Raven says, "When are you going to feed me?"

Now that it’s a bit cooler, I’ll have to start taking him for rides around the block when I have time. He always wants to go.  Maybe I should take him to Petco the next time I go in there.

 Raven says, "Let's go!"
I love this little darling to pieces and he knows it.  I just wish he’d stop biting my feet and legs, but I know he’s just telling me to hurry up.  This usually happens when he wants to eat.

 Raven demands, "When are you coming to bed?"
I hope you have a little creature like this in your life.


  1. He is cute! We did and we will again soon.


    1. Betty,

      Thanks for reading and your comment. I'm really stuck on cats, but I hope you get another Corgi soon. I know you will and he'll bring you a lot of joy.


  2. Perhaps his name should have been "Shadow".

    1. Liz,

      Shadow would have been a great name for him. Somehow I was stuck on Raven because they live here in the desert and are shiny like him.

      Thanks for reading.



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