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Friday, December 20, 2013

It Was a Very Special Ornament

This is a “free write Friday” prompt from Sharla at catnipoflife.  I never write blog posts on Fridays, but this subject caught my eye because my sisters and I started a tradition of exchanging Christmas ornaments about twenty years ago.  Four of us are participating in this, so every year we have to come up with three ornaments to mail out.  Two of us live in different states.

Koki - my holiday helper

 Of course, these are my most special ornaments because they are from my family and not just a box of globes you buy at Walmart.  I’m sure they feel the same way.  I know one of my sister’s strings hers from garland that she puts up around her windows and doesn’t even put them on her tree because, like me, she has cats and cats love shiny and sparkly things.  This is a very good idea.  I think I’ll start stringing mine on garland to save the stress of wondering if they’ll survive the season.  I always put them close to the top but this is no guarantee.

Koki in the tree

The cats will always climb the tree and bulbs get broken every year.  These special ornaments are irreplaceable.  I always hear the ornaments crash to the floor in the night and I know there will be a mess in the morning.  But I can’t keep my cats off the tree and I would never try.  It’s too much fun for them.  Who knows what kind of adventures they are thinking about as they take breaks and doze under there?

Koki under tree

I haven’t taken any pictures of mine, but I have pictures of the ones I’ve sent my sisters because it reminds me the next year, so I can buy or make something different.  Many times, I make mine because I think it’s more special and I have a lot of fun doing it.  Have any of you made ornaments to give away?  Here are a few from past years.

Merry Christmas everyone


  1. How awesome, Sunni! It is so wonderful to have to stop by for some catnip. I linked back to you this morning. We are definitely on the same wavelength. You will understand when you see my post for this morning. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sharla,
    Thanks for stopping by and the link back. I'll check out today's post.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. I see little Koki in that tree, what a cutie!!

  4. Scherri,

    Thank you, sister, for reading and leaving a comment. Koki is precious to me. I'm surprised that tree survives with her in the house. Of course, it is taped in places.


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