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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Does a Santa hat change anyone’s attitude?

Okay, guys, I guess I do way more thinking than I should about some things.  And heaven knows I’m way past my prime, but the last two weeks before Christmas we were allowed to wear a Santa hat instead of our usual food demo hat.  Naturally, wanting to get in the holiday spirit, a few of us took them up on this offer. 

Now we all know people get more ornery around the holidays simply because there are lines in all the stores, lots of traffic and a lot of the time they’re already sold out of what you went to the store to get.  Some people are just stinkers all the time, but I think this happens more during the holidays.  I decided I would evaluate the situation while wearing the Santa hat

I really think seeing this hat reminds people that it is Christmas and it’s supposed to be a time of cheer and goodwill toward all.  The hat seems to have an effect on people because I found I had a lot of more mellow customers and none of the ones who spew garbage on a normal day if things aren’t going their way.  This is such a positive thing when we have to serve the public for hours at a time, smiling, engaging them in conversation, and standing on our feet the whole time, not to mention cleaning up all the messes people make that they seem to be oblivious to.

The holidays seem to bring out the worst in mankind as well as the best.  And we certainly see some odd things, such as dumpster diving in Costco.  In this case I’m referring to the trashcans we have everywhere in the store.  It amazes me the things that people will do for a free sample of anything.  I would never pick through a trash can, but it happens.  We have to throw away samples that end up on the floor because, of course, we can’t serve that to anyone.  My coworker had to throw away a piece of chocolate and two young fellows wanted it so bad that they actually fished it out of the trashcan and then split it.  So not only was the candy on the floor, but also in the trashcan.  Now I don’t want to tell you what also ends up in the trashcans, so I’ll let you use your imaginations.  With this sort of behavior I’m surprised more people aren’t sick around here.

Sadly Christmas is over now and we’re back to the normal attire, but I’ve decided I would kill people with kindness for a while and see what effect that has on their attitude.  Sometimes you can’t help change anyone, but sometimes there a few you can.  That’s what I’m striving for because rude people get old very fast.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday and all of you are enjoying the last week of 2016.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to all

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I made it to this day.  Working can be a real bear at times, although I must say there are the sweetest people that come around just at the right moment.  If it wasn’t for that perhaps many of us would have thrown in the towel long ago.

So we’ve made it to the end of another Christmas season, although we expect it to be somewhat busy next week as people stock up and prepare for New Years.

It rained all day today and the store was semi-busy.  But there were few messes except for the few shoppers who thought they could shake off the shopping cart in the middle of the store, which only made situations worse by causing big puddles for people to trip in.  What’s wrong with people’s thinking?  “But this cart is wet,” they complained.  Well no shit, Sherlock, it’s raining outside.  Of course we didn’t say this but, really, what do people expect?

I’m just so happy to stay home tomorrow and cuddle up with my cats who love me all the time and aren’t judgmental over anything.  Boy we could all take a lesson from our pets.

However you’re celebrating the holidays, have a happy and healthy one.  Relax and enjoy loved ones if you can.  I feel like such an awful fur Mama because I didn’t bother putting up the tree this year.  But then it’s easy to forego that when it’s only me, hubby, and the cats and no family.  Still that’s not much of an excuse because I do it for the cats who love to tear into a tree.

Have fun, stay safe and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.  Real life is coming back real quick.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A celebrity in the house

This is screenshot of the magazine page.  Raven is in the bottom right corner.

Well, I don’t know what to say about my little boy.  He’s such a love and so photogenic.  I think he just loves all the attention.  In October I sent his picture in again for the holiday issue of our local magazine.  I was hoping he would get printed again because who can ignore this cute little face and he always poses for me.

Naturally, I’m a proud fur Mama and I had to share this.  I know all you animal lovers will know what I’m talking about.  So today I’m off to get my hands on a copy of this magazine and also to get one for the lady at PAWS who I adopted Raven from.

My husband is suggesting I make Raven a whole ensemble for Easter.  Hmmm…I’m not sure he’ll sit still for a body costume.  He has the hats down because I’ve been doing it since the day I got him and he’s very mellow, but I don’t know about this idea.  I guess I have a few months to get him used to it.  We’ll see.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

It’s Candy Time

Lindor Candy Balls

I did my first road show this year at work.  We usually do a two-shift event for a week or ten days at a time.  We do Lindor candy the first ten days of December.  This was great fun because candy always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

And we get to wear Christmas red aprons, no hairnets and no plastic gloves, so you can actually style your hair and feel like a candy fairy handing out candy from your “goldilocks” basket.  Oh my!

My co-worker and I worked until 9 PM.  Most of that time we had a line, but most of the people waited patiently.  After all we only have two hands a piece.  All the little kids had eyes as big as saucers.  You would think they were making the hardest decision of their lives when I asked them what flavor of chocolate they wanted.  It was smiles all around and that doesn’t happen often enough.

This candy is fabulous.  If any of you haven’t tried it, you should.  It’s Swiss chocolate and is chocolate over a chocolate truffle.  Every piece of Lindor candy is wrapped in shiny, bright foil paper. 

 What a great marketing idea.  This thing is almost the size of a volley ball.  But it's a candy dish filled with candy and wrapped like a giant candy.
We sold lots of candy that evening.  This is what got the most attention.  You can imagine this giant piece of wrapped candy.  Everyone thought it was a huge candy ball but is, in fact, a candy dish filled with milk chocolate candy and perfect for gift giving or setting out for company during the holidays.

The store was closed by the time we left so they had to let us out a side door.  The night crew was busy restocking shelves on their forklifts but, from the looks of it, I think they were having fun racing around on those things.  I had to smile.  When we got up front they had pulled out all the seating and tables from the snack area and were mopping the floor getting the store ready for tomorrow.

Everything was quiet except for the engine hum and the faint tooting horns of the forklifts in the distant.

Isn't this nice?  Why can't everyone be this thoughtful?

On another note, a few days later, a customer brought us each small gifts of holiday chocolates she makes for us every year.  What a wonderful thing to do for a complete stranger who doesn't even really know any of us outside of the store.  This small gesture makes the holidays special.  

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Did someone throw me a life raft?

My breakfast frittata and smoothie

Ha!  Not exactly but that’s what crossed my mind when I put this great breakfast on a plate.  Wow!  Not that I don’t always eat real food, but things like this are a treat.  My usual fare is cereal, kale and fruit smoothies, big salads and peanut butter and rice cakes.  When the scale said 106 this morning, I thought I would splurge.

I love eggs scrambled up frittata style with onion, peppers, carrots, artichoke jalapeno dip, cheese and tomatoes.  Wow!  It’s so good but most of the time I don’t have the time to indulge in stuff like this.

The bread you see on the side is an Indian flat-bread called Naan.  It can be heated in the toaster and is great with anything.  You can even make mini pizzas with it or wraps.  I discovered it a year ago at Costco when I was doing a demo for it.  And it’s such a bargain at 18 pieces for $4.99.

Anyway as stated, I’m not one to eat much but I thought, I’m home sick and starting to feel better so I better eat a little more and as always, something nutritious.  I’m back at work while you’re reading this today.

 Have you ever seen a bottle this size?  I think I have enough for the whole city.
I’m sure after this big bottle of antibiotics I’m bound to be well from anything that ails me.  All these antibiotics do have me a bit worried about my immune system, as antibiotics aren’t a lot of good for that.  I’ve never ever heard of this many being prescribed before.  I almost wanted to call the doctor to see if he made a mistake in giving me 84 capsules!  I do have asthma so maybe he thinks this sickness might evolve into bronchitis or pneumonia.

So today I’m running down to the herb store to get something extra to boost my immune system.  It can’t hurt and I sure don’t need any additional sick issues.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Life takes fortitude

This doesn't hurt either

Now if that’s not a true statement I don’t know what is.

I’m sorry I’ve skipped a couple of posts.  I’ve been dealing with this health issue, which turns out to be a nasty cold plus a sinus infection on top of that.  Yikes!  I’ve been working when I can but have taken a couple of days off in between to gather myself and try to get over this.  What a nasty business.  I’ve tried every cold med out there and also hot toddies at night.  I remember my grandma making those for us on the farm years ago.  They warm you up and put you to sleep…for a while.

So to fill you in a little, I got sick a week ago Monday.  Naturally, I was working in the coldest spot in the store that day and I think it did me in, or perhaps I wouldn’t be in this shape, even if I did end up with a cold.  I’m rarely sick, but when I am, I’m really sick.

I wore four layers of clothes that day, plus insulated socks because December and January is the worst for cold around here.  I want to be as prepared as I can be because you never know exactly where you might end up working that day.  I was thankful I had all those clothes on but…as it turned out; I was shivering for the last hour and a half of my shift.  Truth be told, I really didn’t think I would make it…but I did through fortitude.

It didn’t help that I had a nasty customer that was so upset because I actually had to cook something before I could put it out.  That never ceases to amaze me that people think they can eat things frozen, or raw.  It was obvious he was eating and not shopping.  He had no shopping cart.  Most of the eaters don’t unless it’s to stack samples in.  I did my best to be polite and told him to come back for a sample.  Of course, this type never does and just stomps off after some choice words. 

I was feeling bad enough anyway because I was getting sick.  The next customer was a gem of a human being and the reason why it’s worth doing this job.  She and her husband came up next and couldn’t believe the way the man acted.  She told me all of us were under-appreciated, but she sincerely appreciates all our dedication to the job.  She was so nice and so was he.  She even gave me a hug.  I really needed one about then.

There are always nice people out there and ones having a bad day.  I thought about that many times since.

I was so glad to get out of there that night and once home, I ripped off all my clothes (like peeling an onion - there are so many layers) and I went straight to bed.  Hubby took my temp and it was 102.  I couldn’t get warm, but finally did.  Needless to say, I called in sick the next day.  The first time I’ve done that at this job.  I really didn’t have a choice.

I’ve been to work a few days since but finally went to the doctor yesterday after they told me at work I sounded horrible.  Laryngitis had set in by the end of my shift on Saturday.  Now, I have lots of meds and am doing very little talking because of all the coughing, so I communicate with hubby using sticky notes.  I’m sure he’s fine with that because I always do talk too much.

Next post will be about my candy road show experience at work.  Stay tuned and stay warm and well.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cold Season is upon us

I’m not one who gets sick very much either and now I have hubby’s cold.  I’m so disgusted by that and am a terrible patient I’m sure because I hate to be sick, really hate it.

Yesterday I had a rough day at work.  I was supposed to do popcorn and instead ended up right outside the dairy door doing potato soup.  I might add the dairy is the coldest spot in our store, aside from probably the meat room, but we never have to work in there.  Thank goodness.  I’ve done soup many times and did my best to serve up over 700 samples of hot potato soup.  I couldn’t smell it, or taste it, but everyone said it was wonderful.  I was so thankful I had gone to work in four layers of clothing and insulated socks, just in case.  We’ve played some “musical chairs” with demos lately so I really have to think about the worst case scenario when getting ready for work.

By the time I left work yesterday, I could hardly talk I was so stuffed up.  I was very happy to have a day off today and it was really needed so I could stay inside and medicate myself and do my best to get to feeling better because I do the next six days straight at my job.

Hubby went into work today to do lunch breaks.  He called a minute ago to tell me I’m doing beef tips tomorrow.  Wonderful!  I’m in the deli area again, but at least not by the diary door.  I’ll be in a spot about ten feet away instead.  This is a popular dish that I’ve never done before but it’s like a beef stew that you heat in the microwave and cut up and then serve in little cups with forks.  I hope I’m feeling up to the task as its holiday season and everyone we have is working.  I’m not one to disappoint so will do my best as always.

Last night I was up every four hours to take another shot of Nyquil.  I’m doing the same today, plus taking extra Vitamin C and also Colostrum, an herb for the immune system.  I’ll kick this thing out fast, I hope, or I’ll be very miserable at work for the next week.

I hope everyone out there is staying well.