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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Vivid Memory

That’s today’s prompt. Naturally, something flashed in my mind right away, so I’ll write about that. I can’t believe this is the last post in the May challenge. Somehow, I’ve managed to post to this blog almost every day for two months.

This vivid memory has to be my trip to Hawaii from Alaska. I was living in the last frontier at the time and had never been to Hawaii. The thought of going there in February was very exciting. Who wouldn’t want to get away from the gray skies everywhere you looked? When I say gray, I mean you can’t distinguish the ground from the sky, more like whiteout conditions. Everything was frozen and had been for months. I was tired of falling down on the ice every time I stepped out the door. Plus, I’d never seen Hawaii before in person. I only visited there through reading and TV shows.

From Diamond Head - Oahu Hawaii

If I live to be a hundred, I’ll never forget stepping off that plane.

Beach in Hawaii

This was a jaw-dropping moment when it was my turn to disembark. The bluest sky I had seen in years greeted me. Everywhere I looked was green. Palm tree fronds floated on the breeze, which brought the scent of flowers to my nostrils. I had landed in Heaven!

Hibiscus is everywhere in lots of colors

This is a Woodrose

Hawaiian Red Ginger

Bird of Paradise

Plumeria - this is also in many colors.  The yellow is generally used in lei's.

I was in disbelief that I was actually in such a nice place. Warm ocean breezes caressed me. The variety of flowers in every color everywhere was overwhelming. As we made our way to the airport, people were there to greet us with a big smile. Then they slipped gorgeous lei’s around our necks. OMG! Can life get any better than this?

Plumeria Flower Lei

We soon were on our way to Kauai after spending the night in Oahu. The next ten days were spent sailing, lying on the beach where I got the worst sunburn of my life, eating at sidewalk cafes, and visiting all the tourist attractions.

Wailua River Kauai Hawaii

Fern Grotto Kauai Hawaii

We took a boat to the Fern Grotto. A group of Hawaiian singers serenaded us on our trip down the Wailua River. You would think that you landed in the land of the jolly green giant. The ferns and philodendrons that are growing wild there are huge. It was like navigating through a jungle once we got on the narrow winding trail to the grotto.


When you order food in Hawaii, they actually serve it with orchids on your plate. This goes for casual eating as well as fine dining. How is that for ambiance?


One day, we went sailing on a catamaran. That was great fun; although it had its moments, as it tilted in the water, because I’d never been on one before. The skipper was easy on the eyes, well built, tanned all over, and wearing tiny shorts.

Catamaran Sailing

Sunset on Kauai's North Shore

This trip flew by so fast. Soon it was time to return to that frozen tundra that was home. I was going back to 20 degrees from a balmy 85 and I hated the thought of it. Dragging me to the plane, kicking, and screaming, by my lei is the only way I can describe it. There was no way I wanted to go back, but we did.

Alaska Snow

It was a very long flight and we drank the plane dry. In those days, I drank a lot of vodka. There are more bars in Alaska than anywhere else that I’ve ever lived. Then, who didn’t want to forget you were returning to the wilderness in the winter?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

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I don’t get to do this very often. To me, this means shucking the responsibilities, cares and worries, and letting my hair down, doing what I want for a short time and just being myself, whether it is crazy to someone else or not. This could mean drinking a nice glass of wine, walking in the desert, laughing with a like-minded friend, playing with the cats, or just doing nothing and having no one question me about my choice.

Letting go is certainly not about any kind of work, cooking, cleaning, or chores. It’s about being that kid again, for a few minutes, and doing what strikes my fancy at the moment, even if the shackles are self-imposed at times.

Maybe we’d all be more relaxed, if we got more time like this. Sadly, we don’t appreciate it as kids.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Songs that Speak to Me

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This one was tough because I like music across the board, except country western. It was hard to pick out five. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in, as to what I listen to on any given day. Sometimes, I just enjoy the quiet and the sounds of nature coming in through my window. Therefore, all of these will be very different from each other because my mood changes.

This one I love because this guy had a beautiful voice and left us way too young. Sometimes, I listen to this late at night before I turn my computer off. I want this one played at my funeral. No, I’m not being morbid. We all face this eventually.

IZ Rainbow Song

This song has always been one of my favorites, although I like many by this band. They put on a terrific concert and inspire me that people this age can still do what they love.

Stones Satisfaction

I really like this one if I want soft background music when I’m writing, depending on what I’m writing. I’ve always liked Celtic music.


Once in awhile, I like to listen to this one because of where I’m currently living – in the desert. It seems to fit the mood of a desert night. This is a country western gal, but I don’t consider this a country western song.

Crystal Gayle Midnight in the Desert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cmUpgvmFk4

I love Indian music at times and the pan-flutes of the Incas and other tribes. I have a few CD’s with this type of music. This is especially fun to listen to at street faires because it reminds me of the times when I was a vendor there in CA.


We are limited to five, so I have to stop there. I must say that I’m also a fan of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and Wynton Marsalis. There are many talented musicians out there, but I tend to be more of a fan of the 60’s and 70’s than today’s Rock and Roll.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Only Pictures

All Photos from Sunni's Album except beach and cat

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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Letter to My Readers

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This is today’s prompt. Readers are so important that it is fitting to thank all of you for using your time to stop by and read what I have to say. I know I probably don’t post stuff like this often enough. You all mean a lot to me. I really know what time is like – there is never enough of it ever - to do all you need, or want to do.

Thank you to my followers and the loyal people who stop by and leave a comment. Sometimes, you make my day because things don’t go smoothly much of the time for me, and I have to deal with a lot of turmoil when I’d like to have anything but that in my life. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something I Read Online

Photo Courtesy of Victor J Blue of the NY Times

Well that is today’s prompt and it's wide open because all of my news comes from the internet, usually. I have read many interesting things. I like the weird news the best. I get tired of all the bad news that is going on all over the world. At least the weird news gives me a good laugh once in awhile. Sometimes that’s a welcome thing. Much of what goes on doesn’t surprise me anymore, but some of this stuff makes me wonder about people because it is so strange. Where are their heads?

So for you enjoyment, or to get away from normal life, I give you a weird story for this post. This one is a class on how to write a suicide note, not especially funny I suppose, given the topic. The weird thing here is that I never knew there was such a thing. Who would really attend a class like this anyway? I don’t think most suicidal people would care. The teacher even calls this a genre of its own. Hmmm.....

Make sure you read the responses to this post from the NY Times.
Suicide Note Is Topic of an Ultimate Writing Class - NYTimes.com

Here is something else astounding. The name Wayne is the middle name of many people who have committed murders. Isn’t that news interesting and strange? Look at the list here.

Here’s a link to more weird news about varied subjects.

I’ve always wondered how much they pay people to do studies on this kind of stuff.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Something Someone told me that I’ll Never Forget

That is today’s prompt. It is supposed to be something positive or negative about me. Naturally, I can remember something from each category, but because I like to keep everything on the positive side, my focus will be there for this post.

Here is a purse I made - Sunni's Photo's

Whenever I see my friends, they will always tell me, “Oh you should make that and sell it,” referring to something I may have on, or perhaps a purse, or a pair of earrings that I made. I make a lot of my clothes and accessories because I want something different. But I also make drapes, chair cushions, etc. You name it and I’ve probably made it at least once in my life. I am crafty and have always been artistic since I was a child. I try to make use of my other talents once in awhile, other than writing, when I have the time. My imagination is always in overdrive anyway, so there is never a lack of projects. My biggest issue has always been time.

Here is a chair cushion I made - Sunni's Photo's

Anyway, back to the “you should make those to sell.” My friends aren’t like me and have no idea what it takes to put things together. One of my projects takes hours usually because I have to get complicated a lot of the time and can’t just do something simple. By the time I’ve used materials and my time, I could never sell the item for enough to make it worthwhile. However, this seems to be hard to explain. This is one of those things that you have to have done it before you really know what all is involved.

This happens to me all the time, so I’ll never forget, no matter how many times I’ve told them it’s impossible to do; they always tell me the same thing. I am flattered. It’s nice to hear that what I created looks so nice.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Worst Traits

From Challenge Website

The first two I totally agree with, but I take offense at the third; however, I am accused of this.

Dependent – Yes, on my husband and I wish I wasn’t because I have an independent spirit, but it’s all a matter of money and not being able to find a job.

Tardy – I am not one to be on time to anything because I hate schedules and clocks. I have to start way ahead of time to get anywhere when I’m supposed to be there. Of course, when I was working I set an alarm clock, but I can’t do that today.

Selfish – Perhaps I can’t see it, but I think I help anyone out that needs out and I’m not always thinking of myself. It may seem so because I am driven and determined to finish projects that I start.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

School Doesn’t Teach You Everything about Life

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Some of the basic things we learn in school are fine and dandy. Everyone should know how to read, write, and have basic math and English skills. However, school neglects to prepare us for the common things we will face as adults in society.

1.  Life is not always fair and that is something you have to get used to and deal with.

2.  Selling yourself to get a job is not easy. Often times, it is about being in the right place at the right time and having prior experience. Much of the time, it is about whom you know, and not necessarily, what you know. This is unfortunate, but how real life is.

3.  You will not graduate high school and/or college and find yourself in a high paying job automatically. You have to earn it by working.

4.  Employers are a lot harder to deal with than schoolteachers are. You don’t get many do-overs in real life.

5.  You have to take responsibility for all your screw-ups.  Your parents are not going to bail you out.

6.  Flipping burgers or emptying bedpans is not beneath your dignity. Usually everyone has to start at the bottom of the ladder and prove yourself in your job.

7.  They don’t divide real life into semesters. Your employer won’t let you take the summer off. Life isn’t like television.

8.  How to do your own laundry, shop for groceries, manage your paycheck, pay your taxes and still have enough money left over for car insurance, rent utilities and other responsibilities you have in adult life.

9.  All about living in a democracy where you can vote after you reach a certain age. How to make decisions concerning the candidates, the issues, and how they will affect you.

10.  How to feel good about yourself and be happy while you work towards your goals

11.  There should be a class on how to select the right friends and the other important people in your life. Will your high school friends stick around and keep in touch after graduation? True friends will be there to support you when you need it, even if this is just someone who is non-judgmental of you and you can bounce ideas off. We all need feedback about things from time to time.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Rant from the Soapbox

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This is today’s prompt. In all honesty, I could probably write a book sometimes, or so I think. I guess the real pet peeves that piss me off make me so angry that I think there are more than there really are. Having said that, I am an easy-going, peaceful person, and I try hard not to let things get to me because life is excessively short to go around angry. Therefore, I am only listing a few things that I simply can’t stand. Unfortunately, I have to put up with all of this a lot. Isn’t that how life is?

People who hang up on me when we’re talking on the phone

People who think that I’m picking on them about everything. They want to argue about it, even when I am not picking on them to start with. I don’t pick on people on purpose. Read the above – I am a peaceful person and like tranquillity in my life.

Politics of any kind at any time


Talking heads that debate the same issue repeatedly day after day when they will never change anyone’s mind.

Having to eat dinner in front of the TV because something “so important” is on that it requires complete silence

Having to pay constant attention to the time so I can keep a certain schedule so as not to cause an argument over my habits

People who can’t resolve issues, and then let them go instead of bringing them back up continually.

Being accused of something that I didn’t do

When people try to save me from myself, and have to supervise me, thinking they know what’s best for me.

People who think that they are always right and won’t listen to someone else’s POV

People who think they are better than others are because we are all equal

People who are cruel to animals

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

List of Links to My Favorite Archives

Archives - Free Clipart

This is today’s prompt. My goodness this is a challenge because I have written so many posts on here since I started. I also don’t want to post too many to go through, so I am picking out twenty. Here they are, if you want to have a look and leave a comment.





















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Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Struggles

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This is today’s writing prompt. What are you struggling with now? For me, this has to be moving. Relocating is a big issue in my book. Not only is the place up in the air because we can’t agree on anything, but once we do, it involves an exploratory mission to check it out first to see if the location is even feasible. If it turns out it is, then packing is another issue altogether. I have been here for ten years and I still haven’t recovered from the last move. It would be lovely to settle somewhere and not have to uproot myself again in the future. Traveling is something different, moving is a completely different kettle of fish.

We were in out last place twenty-five years. I would probably still be there except it was really too small for two people and several cats. I had to pack everything myself once we threw away, donated, and sold the things that weren’t making the trip. This was grueling. I was so warn out by the time we got on the road for the six-and-a-half-hour trek across the desert that I had to stop for coffee several times. I actually ran over a curb at one point and didn’t even know it. I started falling asleep once the cats quit yowling. I had one in the front seat and two in the back with me. My husband was following with the other two in his truck. Moving does a number on me, but there were also some emotional issues involved with that move.

Once we got to the new place, the furniture wasn’t arriving for a week, so we had essentials with us in the vehicles. I slept on the floor that night and half of the next day. I was so out of it, I didn’t even hear the workers outside finishing the yard.

Moving can be an adventure and the excitement of a new place and places to explore, but it is also a lot of backbreaking work and a terrible task I don’t look forward to.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Share Five Favorite blogs

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This is the subject for today’s post. I can’t really do this because there are more than five blogs I like to visit. Each one is unique because every person is unique. It would be impossible to pick out five because it wouldn’t be fair to the others I like as much.

The blogs I list today wouldn’t necessarily be the same five that I would list tomorrow. It all depends on the mood I’m in that day. I read all kinds of things on different blogs. Some educate me on things that I didn’t know, while others contain funny stories and have a down-home feel, which is just what I need at times.

I’m thankful for all of you and your particular style of writing.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Haircut

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When we were kids, Houston Mamaw (Mama’s mother) would always come every summer to visit.

On these summer trips, she would drag all of us girls out for a haircut. I always hated those visits because, I decided at a very early age, I wanted my hair long. Everything else about her visits were doable, even if we were thrown totally out of our normal routine.

When I was six-years-old, Mama and Rosenberg Mamaw (Daddy's mother) decided I should have a haircut and a perm for the first grade. They took me to Mamaw’s house, down the road, and had me sit in a chair in the kitchen.

Mamaw then proceeded to cut my hair to about three-inches long all over my head. After my haircut, assisted by Mama, she gave me a home pemanent. I absolutely hated that and I protested the whole time, but the complaints of a child of six fell on deaf ears. Needless to say, after this experience, nobody ever touched my hair again. I was determined and would do whatever it took to keep myself from encountering that scenario for a second time.

I remember telling them that was the last time someone was getting me in a chair and cutting my hair unless I wanted it done, which I didn't. I learned you just couldn’t trust adults, and after that I managed to evade the scissors.

When Houston Mamaw came to take us all to the salon every summer, I would hide and refuse to come out. I advised my sisters to do the same, but that’s one time they didn't listen to me. Mamaw even told me I could just go along with everyone and sit in a chair and wait while they all got their hair cut. I knew this was a trick and once they got me in the car and in the salon, I would have to get a haircut as well, so I decided to stay home.

I tried to tell my sisters not to get in the car, but they wouldn't listen. I think they were afraid to assert themselves when they knew the adults were in charge of our lives. So when they all came back, later in the day,with those sad, tearful faces and those pixie haircuts, all I could say was, I told you so.

Naturally, they would be very upset at having their hair cut an inch long all over their heads. “How could that even be possible?” they exclaimed!

They wanted to hide until it grew out some, but of course that wasn’t going to happen. We had to work in the fields and go about all the other adventures we had as kids and then, of course, there was school to think about, once fall arrrived.

This happened every year and I suppose, being the oldest, I should have raised more of a fuss and made more of an effort to keep them from being shuffled off to the salon. But of course adults have their own ideas about things and you can only do so much while still being respectful.

I told my sisters they just had to put their foot down, on that kind of thing, unless they really wanted the haircut. Mama sympathized with me and I never had to go. She knew how bad I hated that home permanent and even she had to admit it wasn’t the best job around. I was pretty sad looking until it grew out.

Those poor girls came back looking so pathetic every time with sad, puppy dog faces. They may as well have been the little elves from my stories. They never seemed to learn, or muster the courage to protest.

Mama tried to talk her mother out of it, but Mamaw had a mind of her own and Mama knew it was no use to argue, so, in the end, she would just say, “yes ma’am,” and let the girls be put into the car for the trip.

As the years passed by, they got used to the dreaded trip to the beauty parlor and I don't think they minded as much. I do think they would have preferred to pick their own hairstyle instead of getting that pixie haircut, which went on until they became teens.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Favorite Photo and Why

This is me

Today’s prompt is to post a favorite photo of myself. This is a favorite photo because nothing everything seems to be in place for a change. Usually I’m not very satisfied with pics taken of me. I guess that’s the reason why I use this one on book covers, social media sites, and places like that.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Difficult Thing about my “Lot in Life”

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Well that is today’s prompt. We are supposed to write about the difficulty of our “lot in life,” and what we’re doing to overcome it. I think everyone has difficulties to some degree, except for maybe the very rich, but then, even they may have difficulties that the rest of us will never realize.

I had a difficult childhood being raised on a farm and living in a sharecropper’s shack until I was about fourteen. There were seven of us, if you count all my siblings. We made the best of things, as children will do, and still had some very happy times. We had to be industrious in our thinking. I think that benefits all of is today, if times aren’t the best they can be.

Because of the circumstances of my childhood, I have done very well for myself. I definitely don’t take the finer things in life for granted and I know I can do without and survive if I have to, although I would never go back to those days. I’m still glad to have the experience of it all and glad it is behind me. I don’t think any of us could be as appreciative as we are today, if the situation would have been different back then. Most of today’s kids are very spoiled.

Most of us, on the other hand, can think for ourselves and work out a solution to a current problem without being overwhelmed. We are not quitters because things are tough.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in My Life

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My life consists of writing and more writing after I get my act together in the morning. As I’m a night owl, this isn’t always busy. I usually hit the computer early with a cup of coffee and go downstairs later to get dressed and have breakfast. Besides drinking coffee and writing, I cook dinner and wash dishes a couple of times a day. I usually just snack for lunch, or graze as my husband calls it.

 This is Comet

This is Koki

Generally, I have at least one cat sitting on my desk or computer during the day and evening. I have to deal with this from time to time when they begin playing footsies with my keyboard and mouse. Or give them some extra attention when they start giving me those lover eyes.

These two cats are the most frequent visitors to my office.

In the evenings, before or after dinner, I like to sit out on the patio. We have a nice bench that allows me to look at the desert and listen to all the birds as they gather their families for the night. It’s quiet and tranquil out there and I’m all about peacefulness.

 Desert Walk - Sunni's Photo's

Sometimes I’ll take a walk back there where I am totally alone on the dirt trails that meander through the sagebrush and cactus.  Sunsets are also spectacular.

Desert Sunset - Sunni's Photo's

At night is usually more writing, or reading, unless I watch something I recorded on the DVR. My husband and I have different likes in TV, although we do watch international homes frequently before I come back upstairs to get back to it.

Books - Free Clipart

The last thing I usually do up here is check my email and then head downstairs to do all the night time chores, like scooping the litter boxes, and setting up the coffee for tomorrow morning.

About once or twice a month, I’ll go out and spend the day shopping or meandering through some stores to see what’s new and to get out amongst people.

Shopping - Free Clipart

So there you have it – the boring life of a writer. I am never bored with my routine though, which is a good thing. I do a lot of searching on the internet and there is always something new to learn that I didn’t know.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten Things that make me Happy

Free Clipart

My Cats

Warm Weather


Peace and Quiet

My Own space

Having enough Time and Money for everything



Playing in my Craft and Sewing room


All these things and not necessarily in this order

Monday, May 13, 2013

Disturbing Animal Abuse

Raven from Bards and Druids Website

Okay, I felt compelled to write this extra post because I don’t like any type of animal abuse and this includes birds. Today we discovered a dead raven in our backyard. Upon inspection, its demise was due to a gunshot wound in the right chest. This was very upsetting to me. As we were looking at it, two ravens were circling overhead squawking loudly in their guttural voices. They were probably its family. They are usually in groups of three back there, flying and riding the wind currents in unbelievable acrobatic displays.

I felt very sorry for this bird. We have ravens everywhere and they are so majestic and beautiful, even if they do bring bad omens, according to Indian legend.

Raven from Bards and Druids Website

Naturally, I wanted to do right by this bird and bury it, as I’ve done a hundred times with other birds that hit the windows of our house. My husband wouldn’t let me and hauled it out into the desert. When he left, I wanted to take a shovel out there and find it and bury it, but I didn’t. It’s almost 100 degrees today, but that is not what deterred me. He would be very upset with me I’m sure, and would probably be back here before I finished the job anyway.

We are sure that some boys who’ve been hunting behind the house killed it, although we didn’t see them do it. We caught them back there with guns a couple of days ago and my husband ran them off, telling them to stop hunting the wildlife back there. He followed them home where they took the guns inside and got on their bicycles instead.

He did call the local PD today and they came over, took a report, and looked at the dead bird, but I doubt they will do anything. But you can be sure I’ll be on the lookout for those boys. These kids, probably about 13 or 14, are always shooting at the quail back there. The birds come to drink in our yard because we put water out everywhere. This is the desert and they have to get water from somewhere.

I’m just so very disgusted right now. If I could wish a learning pox on the boys, I would do it. I really don’t care if we have hundreds of ravens and other creatures. It’s not right to kill them. They are only trying to live in this harsh environment.

Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox now.

Issue a Public Apology

Okay, this one can be funny or serious, but I have nothing to apologise for, in my opinion. I stay away from the most controversial subjects, which I consider politics and religion. Many blogs write about these things, if that is your interest.

Other things that I touch on occasionally may not make everyone happy, such as the hot-button issue of global warming. Again, I only post my opinion and I realize not everyone will agree with me. That’s okay.

This blog is mostly about my life, my cats, and stories about growing up in the south on a farm. I hope readers will find them entertaining enough to follow me and leave comments once in awhile.

My other blog is mainly about writing issues, my own books, and book reviews. Feel free to click on that in the top right corner, if you like, and are interested in those things. I try to post helpful hints there and things of interest that I read about writing that may help other writers on this journey we’re all on toward success in this field.